Business strategy

A superior business model requires a sound business strategy and operational mechanisms, both of which are as important as the wings of a bird.

Just like a a company or a country, the normal function of a platform requires a rigorous and complete system.

As the perfect practitioner of the Blockchain spirit, Horae aims to build the world’s first free and equal consensus economic community in the Blockchain field.

All the strategies and mechanisms developed are centered on solving the following “Inequality” economic issues.

(1) Information inequality (2) Capital inequality (3) Capacity inequality (4) Resources inequality (5) Status inequality

In all other block chain business platforms, the above-mentioned “Inequality” ultimately leads to inequality of opportunities and inequality of wealth:

(1) A small number of people hold a large amount of tokens. (2) A small number of people earn a lot of wealth.

Horae is the first platform in the history of human civilization to eliminate all these "Inequalities".

(1) Eliminate information inequality (2) Eliminate capital inequality (3) Eliminate capacity inequality (4) Eliminate resources inequality (5) Eliminate status inequality

The ultimate goal: equality for everyone when facing the opportunity and wealth.

Horae is not only a grand commercial revolution, but also an epoch-making ideological revolution. In the history of block chain civilization evolution, Horae is bound to be amazing.

Overall Business Strategy

The construction of the Horae consensus economic community is divided into five economic cycles, each of which carries out different business strategies, so that it can be act according to right time.

  • (1) ICO opening period

    Properly extend the ICO cycle (two months) so that enough members have the opportunity to participate. Strictly limit the issue and purchase of tokens to eliminate the phenomenon of a small number of people holding large amounts of money.

  • (2) Planned development period

    For the purpose of accumulating activists, complete control the purchase, circulation and fulfillment of tokens. The platform dominates prices and steadily implement the directional growth model.

  • (3) Free circulation period

    For the purpose of sustained and stable price increases, when a certain amount of membership is accumulated, the exchange is opened for trading, and the price will be dominated by the market.

  • (4) Ecological alliance period

    It will implement strategic cooperation with industry-renowned block chain funds, private placement, and cloud mining pools to launch digital asset allocation products that meet market needs in order to achieve continuous growth in platform profits and maximize the value of token investments.

  • (5) Community revival period

    Horae will become the pioneer and leader in the block chain 3rd order revolution. The Horae platform, which is based on the “consensus” of the community, is committed to building a shared economy that benefits the public. It is a global platform for co-creation, sharing, and mutual benefit. Everyone can participate and everyone can share.

Horae will be built into an “open, equal, cooperative, sharing, and free” humanistic community in the future. Therefore, the spirit of the Internet is fully released and presented here.