Terms of Use

  • Terms and Conditions for the Use of the HORAE Website

    These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the HORAE Website and lay down conditions that shall be met by the users in order to use the HORAE Website or register on the Website.

    Use of the Website may be restricted for some persons who have their habitual residence or their seat of incorporation in countries with certain regulatory restrictions. The Terms and Conditions for the Use of the HORAE Website include the notice that HORAE does not provide investment advice, the copyright notice, permitted uses of the Website, conditions for registration and account use, and login details to be provided by the user. Furthermore, they include the rules for cancellation and suspension of user accounts, the rules for privacy and the gathering of information, a notice regarding the source of cryptocurrencies or tokens, limitation of warranties, limitation of liability, and choice of law, arbitration, and venue in case of dispute.

  • General Terms and Conditions for HORAE End Users

    The General Terms and Conditions for HORAE End Users include descriptions of the products offered by HORAE, namely the Digital Assets Management Platform and Digital asset portfolio (“DAPs”) that may be available through the use of the Platform.

    Furthermore, the General Terms and Conditions for HORAE End Users describe the procedure for acquiring and disposing of DAPs; the status of DAP managers; rules regarding HORAE user accounts; risks; fees charged by HORAE; eligibility for use of the Platform, the Website, and DAPs; financial regulation; and cooperation with legal authorities, authorized financial institutions, and regulators. They also cover liability regime, security measures, privacy policy, provisions regarding possible taxes, provisions on intellectual property, access to the Platform, and other rules and notices important for the end users of the Platform.

  • General Terms and Conditions for Digital Asset Portfolio Managers

    The General Terms and Conditions for Digital asset portfolio Managers set out rights and obligations to be adhered to in the relationship between Digital asset portfolio Managers (“DAP Managers”) and HORAE. The HORAE General Terms and Conditions for End Users are considered part of these terms and also apply to all DAP Managers.

    The General Terms and Conditions for DAP Managers include provisions on products created by HORAE, including the Digital Assets Management Platform and Digital asset portfolio. Furthermore, they include provisions on the status of DAP Managers with regard to the Platform, the powers of DAP Managers, and the management of DAPs. When using the Website or the Platform, DAP Managers should also take note of risks connected to fees, financial regulation and cooperation with relevant authorities and authorized institutions and regulators, liability, security, privacy, and intellectual property.

  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy

    The Anti-Money Laundering Policy is designed to prevent money laundering. It institutes adequate systems and controls to mitigate the risk of the Platform being used to facilitate financial crime. These systems and controls are used to ascertain customer identity, screen and monitor customers, perform due diligence, and duly monitor deposits and withdrawals. According to the Policy, unusual activities or suspicions of money laundering are scrutinized in-house and may be reported to the competent authorities. The Policy sets minimal standards that must be complied with and includes a comprehensive set of measures for detecting and preventing money laundering activities. It sets verification tiers and sanctions and reserves the right of HORAE to block or freeze user accounts and assess, review, and verify the user’s documents and information or to ask for additional documents and information.

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  • HORAE Privacy Policy

    The HORAE Privacy Policy provides users with information on the collection and processing of their personal data as well as their rights related to the personal data users share with HORAE.

    The HORAE Privacy Policy gives a detailed description of personal data collected on the HORAE website, on the HORAE app, and through third-party service providers such as ID verification partners, as well as a description of the legal basis for the collection and processing of users’ personal data. It also provides details on how personal information is used; how information is collected from or shared with third-party providers; the right of users to access, review, correct, amend, or request restriction of processing, transfer, or deletion of their personal data; the right to withdraw consent to processing users’ personal data; and the duration of retention of personal data.

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  • General Terms and Conditions for Social Media Contest

    These Terms and Conditions include the terms and conditions under which anyone who follows the official HORAE account on Twitter, Facebook, or any other platforms or websites can become a winner of particular contests organized through the official HORAE social media channels.