HRC Token

Horae Token is an encryption token compatible with native ERC Token Standard #20 Interface (ERC20) launched by the Horae platform based on the public Ethereum Blockchain, which is abbreviated as HRC.

    The Horae team will obtain the funds for team development and operation by exchanging HRC tokens.The HRC exchanging activities will be performed by an affiliate of the Horae Foundation. HRC will be widely used as the main payment method in the ecosystem of the Horae platform.

    Name: HoraeCoin (HRC)
    Original Platform: Ethereum
    Token Standard: ERC20

HRC Details

Max amount of tokens supply 1 000 000 000 HRC
Soft Cap 500 000$
Hard Cap 3 000 000$
Start August 2019 August 2019
End September 2019 September 2019
Exchange 1ETH = 4500 HRC 1ETH = 4000 HRC
Currency ETH ETH

1.Token Offering

The supply limit of HRC releases is 1,000,000,000 and will never increase.

2.Token circulation and usage scenarios HRC is a major component of the ecosystem in platform Horae.

HRC is a non-returnable functional utility token that will be widely used in ecosystem of platform Horae to serve as a token for media and circulation among different participants in Horae. HRC is the core incentive mechanism of the Horae consensus economic community. It will encourage positive behaviors that are beneficial to the community, which will promote professional and common investors to work together to build and improve community ecosystems.

In platform Horae, HRC will have some specific functions:

(1) HRC can be used to purchase DAP.

(2) HRC can be used to purchase computing power products and participate in global joint mining.

(3) HRC is used to pay for the profits of DAP products and computing power products.

(4) HRC is used to pay for the promotion of DAP products and computing power products.

(5) According to the provisions of the smart contract, HRC will be used to automatically give incentives to investment managers and other third-party investment institutions.

(6) HRC holders will obtain exclusive rights to premium services (such as market intelligence and research reports) in platform Horae by paying HRC.

(7) HRC can be exchanged for USDT through Exchange Center.

3.Horae has built a global Consensus Affiliate Program that will encourage more investors to have the opportunity to hold HRC and quickly radiate the global market.

Sharing Horae business opportunities, you can get multiple rewards and establish a steady stream of income for yourself.

Horae sets the appropriate node type for participants with different abilities.

When becoming a higher-level node type, you will get more rewards.

The “Consensus Affiliate Program” officially opens in the second economic cycle (Planned development period).