Cultural Interpretation of Horae

Horae, in Greek mythology the Horae (or Horai or Hours) were the goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time. They were three daughters of king of gods Zeus and the goddess of Law Themis in Greek mythology. (Zeus and Themis together gave birth to six daughters, they are the Hours and the Fates.)

Eunomia (Greek: Εὐνομία, "good order", "governance according to good laws"), Order of Law, was a minor Greek goddess of law and legislation. She represents law and order and maintains social stability, as well as the spring-time goddess of green pastures.

Dike (or Dice, Greek: Δίκη, "Justice") was the goddess of justice and the spirit of moral order and fair judgement based on immemorial custom. Zeus placed her on Earth to keep mankind just. She quickly learned the Greek astronomical and astrological constellation. For this reason, Zeus placed her next to him on Mount Olympus. Dike was the summer-time goddess as well.

Eirene (or Irene, Greek: Εἰρήνη, "Peace") was the personification of peace and wealth. She was depicted in art as a beautiful young woman carrying a cornucopia, sceptre, and a torch or rhyton. She was the autumn-time goddess as well.

The Hours goddesses known as Horae means ‘the correct moment’. Seasons changed by their divinity and all orders and laws are blessed and maintained by them. It was these goddesses who managed the gates of Olympus that promoted peace and stability of the earth.

“They bring and bestow ripeness, they come and go in accordance with the firm law of the periodicities of nature and of life.”
“They guarded the gates of Olympus, promoted the fertility of the earth, and rallied the stars and constellations.”
  • 1. Seek consensus of the times and build a Horae platform with people with the same aspirations.

    Recently, Horae’s construction of token investment platform and Horae consensus economic community construction will start simultaneously. We strive to reach consensus with innovative entrepreneurs with a forward-looking vision, consolidate public consensus and strive to build Horae into “Berkshire” in the age of Internet.

  • 2. Building the Horae consensus economic community with the mission of maximizing value of the block chain.

    In the early stage of the token investment project model, smart contracts based on “consensus” linked the “community” people together into a fate community and a welfare community. Everyone is not only the owner of the service and benefits, but also the provider of different levels of service and benefits.

    Horae will adhere to the humanistic traditions of the Renaissance and promote rationalism with the spirit of the Interne. It will profoundly understand the great value of the block chain in all these aspects and lead the building of a new humanistic community in the 3.0 era of the block chain.

  • 3. Horae is committed to leading the 3rd Order Revolution. Together with the era pioneers, it draws a picture of the future oriented economic, commercial and public life.

    In the block chain 3.0 era, the community revived, and the government and the market become part of society. While the society is united by various highly mature communities across various dimensions and various tangible and intangible borders. Everyone in the community enjoys a high degree of freedom, sufficient ways to realize value, and a broad horizon of happiness.

Horae creates a new era of token investment

Horae is a decentralized Token Investment-management Community (TIC), which creates a professional, trustworthy, intelligent, efficient, open, transparent, extremely mobile, and inclusive platform for professional token-based asset managers.

In the next decades, the market scale of token investment management will reach tens of trillions of dollars, and everyone will become the holder and investor of tokens.Now, Horae is working with Ethereum to create a new era of value-added internet token investment. In the future, thousands of professional investors and investment institutions can use the decentralized infrastructure to issue and manage their own investment products, thus this will drive token investing into a new era of token investment 2.0.

Horae will eventually become a decentralized professional token investment management infrastructure, which will enable investment managers to have a good investment management tool, enable retail investors to find excellent token investment managers. It eventually formed a token-investing community with dynamic performance visualization.

This problem has been tried to solve in the traditional Internet era, but it has never really been solved. Although retail investors can follow the big shots to invest in the traditional Internet era, the investment and management relationship between retail investors and investment giants has been unclear, which there are many opaque and inaccurate problems.The block chain’s Distributed Ledger allows professional investor to manage retail investors easily, while retail investors can also know the real-time performance of big shots transparently and clearly.

Horae will usher in a new era of the block chain token investment.

Horae has provided a platform for professional investors in the era of Token Investment 2.0 to display their talents. A series of successful token investment brands will be born on this platform.Horae has gone beyond Warren Buffett’s Berkshire with the service, motivation and mobility that traditional investment companies do not possess.


As a revolutionary token investment management platform, Horae pioneered a new paradigm for token investment.

Horae will invite professional investment managers to intelligently configure and operate digital assets based on professional experience and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ordinary investors can purchase these configuration combinations (Digital Asset Portfolio products, DAP products) and realize the personal digital wealth appreciation through the operation of professional managers. In addition, third-party professional investors are also allowed to create their own portfolios (Digital Asset Portfolios, DAPs) on the platform.For Horae itself does not produce any token investment products, all the block chain asset products (DAP and globally distributed computing power) come from professional investment managers and institutions that Horae certified.

Horae, as a third-party, builds an open and transparent bridge between a large number of digital asset investors and professional investment managers.

Horae does not precipitate any funds, and all purchased the block chain asset products (DAP and globally distributed computing power) are funded directly into professional investment managers and institutions that Horae certified.

Horae will only be responsible for the entire community’s technical framework, basic agreements, mechanism setting, token distribution, token currency, community services, and contract management.